Exclusive: Iowa, North Carolina join states studying Experian breach

Exclusive: Iowa, North Carolina join states studying Experian breach
"It's troubling which Experian might wait 3 months following testifying, just to change their story, all when victims whom had their identities stolen stay in danger because a outcome of the crime," McCaskill told Reuters through e-mail. A Vietnamese guy last …
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Fact-Checking Experian's Talking Points
In the wake of long-overdue media attention to revelations a company device of credit bureau Experian sold customer individual information straight to an online service which catered to identity thieves, Experian is rightfully striving to explain its side of …
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Experian Credit Insight System unveiled to empower customers with over
COSTA MESA, Calif., April 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Experian , the leading worldwide info services firm, now announced its Experian Credit Insight System, that currently is accessible for financial organizations of all models plus provides them a …
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Q&A: Identity Theft?

Question by emilyreigle: Identity Theft?
Who do you call if you suspect that your identity has been stolen or you know that it is stolen?

Best answer:

Answer by fredisred_again
you call your credit card company they will be able to help u

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Credit Monitoring Equifax, TransUnion or Experian?

Question by tata: Credit Monitoring Equifax, TransUnion or Experian?
which one is better or do all three offer the same service..

Want to monitor all three at the same time

and credit score as well monthly..

Best answer:

Answer by Judy
First step – before doing this is to get your credit reports at
annual credit report. com
Reports are free always have been.
Make sure they are in top shape first.

I like Equifax the best.
Unless you are buying a home, you really don’t need this.
Many people never know their scores.
They just make sure they review their credit reports once a year and learn all they can learn about how to improve their credit.
You don’t need a score tracking system to help you figure out how to improve your credit.

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Where and when did the Credit Bureaus start and by whos authority?

Question by Ellie K: Where and when did the Credit Bureaus start and by whos authority?
I am wondering if our privacy can become any more in danger and just who gave these bureaus the right to invade our privacy any way?

Best answer:

Answer by whackiejackies
Credit bureaus have been around for quite a while. When they first started decades ago people would actually snoop around and ask your neighbors about your behavior. The meaning of credit is based on your “character and behavior.” Nowadays there are 3 main credit bureaus which are Experian, Transunion and Equifax (some regions it could be called by it’s subsidiary). They are NOT owned by the government in any way, only government regulated. These bureaus collect information from creditors and see how your spending behavior is based on credit that you have received. Based on that they use a special algerythym to calculate a score for you. Which is your credit score. That is why when you are young you have a low credit score b/c you do not have much to base things on. Financial institutions will “judge” you based on these numbers and deem if you are able to pay them back. The only main thing there are nowadays is the FCRA to protect you.

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How You Should Repair Your Three Credit Reports

How You Should Repair Your Three Credit Reports

When you want to start fixing a bad credit file, you should bear in mind that anything that needs attention but is ignored can backfire and ruin the whole repair process. Just think of the fact that you have three versions of credit reports: Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Knowing that your file are three-fold, you should never ignore giving adequate and equal attention to all of them when fixing damages done to your rating.

The three bureaus operate independently in spite of the fact that they function for the same purpose which is to gather reports made by information furnishers of different banks and other lenders and translate it into your score.

When you begin fixing your file, pay attention to all three versions and look out for errors and negative accounts that may have slipped in either by your own making or as a result of an error from either the creditor or the reporting bureau.

What you’ll do once you have all the negatives figured out is to separate the wheat from the chaff. What this means is that you’ll give priority to the most recent of the negatives first because they have more damaging effect on your file. You want to pay attention to the most damaging accounts next. These are entries such as foreclosure, bankruptcy, repossession. You’ll follow that order until you get to the least damaging entry.

However, note that if you have an inquiry or collection that has just been entered into your report recently and you also have a foreclosure, you will be giving preferential attention to the inquiry or collection. This is because their effects will weigh-in on your score significantly compared to a foreclosure that is about 6 or 7 years old on your file whose effect has worn-off greatly.

Once you have the negatives figured out and have classified them according to the intensity of damage they can cause, you should begin fixing them immediately.

Use either a restoration kit if you can repair your own file or consult a repair agency.


Googles Missing Persons Report & 3 Tips To Keep Businesses Off It – Urgent Care 2.0

(PRWEB) March 31, 2014

It’s not a secret that when people are looking for a local product or service most of them begin their search on Google. With that said, it’s understood that having a top position in the rankings on Google for such keywords are extremely important to those local businesses. For “local searches” Google adds another tool to help find matching results with a local address, “Google Maps”. Over the last several years Rob Stone from Urgent Care 2.0 has found that the majority of website traffic for his local customers has primarily come from their listing in the Google Maps section. He found that potential customers are very interested with the content found in Google Maps. From the quick snippets of information they are able to find a website, address, phone number, reviews and much more about a particular business. This comes in very handy when trying to compare business and find the best overall value.

Too often though, key businesses are missing from Google Maps search results. Some don’t even have a listing on Google Maps and others have a listing, but have done nothing to become more visible by searchers. There are some businesses that can even be searched directly by name and their listing won’t pull up in Google Maps. That is what Rob calls being on “Google’s Missing Persons Report”.

Here are 3 tips to keep off of “Google’s Missing Persons Report”.

1. Create A Business Listing On Google Maps – In order to show up on Google Maps there has to be a listing to show. A listing can be created for free by going directly to Google and setting one up. This area is also referred to as Google Places. This step alone will not ensure a top spot in the search results. There are other metrics for grading relevancy that Google uses for results placement, but this is the place to start.

2. Proving Local Relevancy Through Citations – Local search engine optimization in this area is different from traditional Search engine Optimization (SEO). Each area has a different set of rules to follow to prove relevancy. They are similar and some overlap, but one of the major areas for Local SEO is citations. A citation is a directory listing site with a listing for a business that matches a listing on Google. The areas that need to be exact are: Business Name, Address and Phone number. Google will look for that businesses listing and give credit for how many is found with matching content. The more the better. The best way to check a businesses listings is by using Urgent Care 2.0′s business listing checker. This tool will review consistency with the business listing on the top 50 directory sites in the United States.

3. Proving Local Relevancy Through Reviews and Activity – After a listing is created it is important for it to have consistent activity. One key way of creating activity it through customer reviews. Not only will this get activity it will also influence other potential customers in making a buying decision both good and bad. Other ways of creating activity is by levering enhanced content and promotional tools. Google and many other listing sites have the ability to create extra content that can be updated over time. Some of them offer coupons or promo codes that can be used by the searcher. This not only creates activity, but it also can influence a potential buyer.

Success in Local SEO is next to impossible without properly executing these 3 key tips. Many Urgent Care Clinics are shocked at the results of an initial business scan. Many errors are found. After the corrections are made and consistent activity applied for about 3 – 6 months Urgent Care 2.0 has seen many clients successful in being found by people looking to Google to find a local urgent care clinic. This is one of the many marketing areas that has made Urgent Care 2.0 a staple in urgent care marketing. To get a free consultation on how Urgent Care 2.0 can help your clinic Click Here.

Read the full article on Urgent Care 2.0′s website – http://www.urgentcare2point0.com/googles-missing-persons-report/

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how do we dispute a credit report?

Question by The Muffin Man: how do we dispute a credit report?
I am striving to wash up my credit, plus I understand to dispute a bad report, yet I dont understand whom to do it from. Can anyone enable me with this?

Best answer:

Answer by apple lover
if you’re about freecreditreport.com, they have an online dispute section, when you’re about myfico.com or truecredit.com they provide we an address along with a letter formatting for mailing inside disputes. feel free to email me with questions

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Q&A: how to begin a wise credit rating?

Question by Okaki: how to begin a superior credit rating?
i simply got my credit card plus i’m thinking what this credit rating thing is all about, and just how to keep my credit history wise?

plus what to not do

Best answer:

Answer by nadadime
Your credit rating is a lot like a score of the debts plus repayments. The high the rating, the more credit there are inside the future for details like student financing, vehicles or perhaps a house.
Potential companies additionally consider a credit rating to find should you are reliable plus trustworthy.
The easiest way to keep a history wise is to create repayments about time. Should you can’t result in the full payment whenever due, at smallest create over the minimal payment. It will show up about a credit score. Should you miss a payment, or are late with a payment which might show up too.
Protect the card because when it were cash! Don’t provide out a credit card information to anybody, don’t loan a card to others plus check a report frequently to find when anybody else has tried to utilize it. There is a great deal of identity theft available.
Hope this helped.

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Corra Group Increases Business Research Background Checks to Latin America

El Segundo, CA (PRWEB) March 25, 2014

Corra Group has expanded its due diligence services to further extend a series of background checks to Latin America, as well as the Far East and Middle East. As part of its business research expansion the El Segundo, CA based company will offer criminal and civil reports as well as Business Credit Reports for millions of companies in most nations.

“There is a lot of turmoil in Latin America right now,” said Corra Group Co-Founder, Gordon Basichis. “Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil are experiencing varying levels of instability. Crime has increased, and the economies of previously promising nations are in a downturn.

“We have clients that are looking to engage companies in Latin America,” said Basichis. “They want to provide goods and services to the businesses in Central America and South America. But they are wary, after they deliver, that they will not get paid. They are concerned that certain companies who have incorporated offshore, in the Caribbean may not be as legitimate as claimed. They are concerned the corporate principles may have criminal histories or checkered pasts. Private equity and venture capital groups have their own concerns—whether to invest in Latin American companies.

Basichis noted that Corra Group has been increasing its corporate research instruments in these areas. He explained that the company is constantly searching for new types of background checks they can provide to concerned clients.

“At the very least, our clients tend to order business credit reports to help determine if an entity in Latin America is solvent,” said Basichis. “There are cases where we discovered the company in question is not necessarily a legitimate business. It is a front, a shell, posing as a fleshed out corporation in order to garner licensing contracts or other goods and services. We find a fair number of Asian based companies are incorporated in the Caribbean, in offshore havens like the British Virgin Islands. Sometimes, with our clients, just the business credit report will be warning enough to not engage.”

Basichis pointed out that when necessary Corra Group can conduct criminal background checks on principles as well as civil and financial searches in nations where it is allowed. In special cases, the client has the option to retain personnel who will physically investigate, who can conduct reference verifications, interviews, and intelligence on a local level.

“Latin America is a volatile region with ever changing political and economic dynamics,” said Basichis. “What was accurate a year or two ago may not be accurate today. “As they say in the sport of boxing, ‘protect yourself at all times.’ If not you may be sorry.”

BACKGROUND: Corra operates as Corra Group and specializes in pre-employment and corporate research and investigation. It is a full service employment screening company that offers the full range of background checks and business research to industries throughout the United States and around the world. For more information check out its website at http://www.corragroup.com

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